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Raw and Eco Road trip

3000km later…… An invitation to do a Raw weekend workshop up in Roma Queensland set the wheels in motion for me to plan a Raw and Eco Road Trip and finally start my blog.First it was business facilitating the workshop followed by a holiday touring around doing what I love – eating RAW fresh living foods and meeting like-minded people.I did bring back a lasting impression of my trip in the form of multiple bites on my bum! Just thought I would share that with you.Queensland is not all tropical fruits, rolling lush hills, sparkling rivers, white beaches and ocean reefs. It has lots of wee beasties who also need to eat, bless them, leaving an itch on the bum that turned into an inflamed red patch of about 20 bites in a pattern like a constellation of stars. Combined with that, the lymph nodes in my groin swelled up which meant some poisons and toxins were being flushed through. Fortunately this did not affect my appetite or ability to enjoy the holiday.
Enjoying a high raw lifestyle while traveling makes things a lot easier and also helped to keep me more alert while driving. Heavy, hot meals can leave you feeling tired, fine when you are the passenger! I had to take my esky’s/cool boxes with me anyway for my workshop so I kept one as the ‘time for a little something’ food bag for me to ensure my habitual grazing needs were met.In such hot weather, it was a pleasure to stop at a roadside rest area and cut up some juicy fruit and take short breaks under shady trees munching on my banana walnut fruit leathers.

It was more than a 1000km to Roma which meant 2 days travel so I took enough fresh living fruits and vegetables with me to last for a few meals and planned to finish them before crossing over into Queensland. There are rules for what you can and can’t take over the State borders. See Travellers’ Guide to Interstate Quarantine that I saw anyone doing road checks for fruit smugglers but I would hate to be the person who introduced an exotic pest into an area. Okay no smart comments about my rear end please!And it was so easy to cut up some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers for my dinner in the motel at Narrabri. It also meant I didn’t have to go out looking for dinner.
Breakfast was equally refreshing with banana, pear, orange and some yummy raw granola from – one of the sponsors on our raw food support group Gaia’s Table.I reached the Queensland border about lunchtime on the second day and stopped at a service station before going over, found some shade and cut up the last couple of tomatoes and cucumbers for a cool lunch. I reached Roma about 4pm, this is the furthest I have ever driven on my own!Amazing how the raw journey really does turn into that, a journey of discovery, a return to health and meeting so many terrific people.

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