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Are you living with someone you love dearly and yet friends and family look at you and say ‘but you have nothing in common, you’re total opposites!’  I know we’ve heard it all before but then we also hear  ‘opposites attract’.  What do you think, is this really the case?

So this is our long awaited campervan trip to see how we get along in a confined space for 3 whole weeks, driving together every day, squeezing into a tiny space to eat, sleep, wash and live.

We’re coming up 7 years together in our part time relationship and along the way I discovered raw fresh living food, gave up smoking and lost weight.  I woke up to the environment being destroyed and became a greenie I suppose.

So I don’t want to cook food anymore, eat meat or smoke and Geoff still wants to cook food and eat meat and smoke.

And we have a tiny campervan to cook/not cook for 3 weeks. I can talk quite happily for the whole day and Geoff being a long distance truck driver is used to hours of being behind the wheel without contributing anything to a conversation.  And I will want to hit him and he will want me to just SHUT UP for a few minutes.

Here we go!  The fisherman - cooked



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E-book with bonus 3 day menu plan, lots of full colour photos!

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