Joy Mozzi started on her healthy food journey six years ago and became a new person!  She made a number of changes in her life at that time and has reaped the rewards of healthier living by becoming 20kg lighter and pain free from arthritis. Joy is the founder and owner of Fruvenu, opened May 2007. She enjoys educating people about fresh raw living food because it has made a profound difference to her own life.

Although not a nutritionist; she does describe herself as a ‘fresh food facilitator’. She is a talented instructor, well liked by the children and adults that she has worked with and holds a certificate 11 in Childcare. For testimonials click here

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Why Fresh Raw Food?

Joy and many others have discovered that eating a high % of fresh raw fruits & vegetables can have a positive effect on your health. The benefits of increasing your daily intake of fresh living foods can include higher energy levels and healthy weight loss

Joy is continually educating herself about raw food, health and the environment in general and is also the facilitator for the Raw Food support group GAIA’s Table in Sydney.

Our Mission

Fruvenu was established to educate children and adults about the benefits of fresh living food.

Our workshops are interactive, specifically designed so those who attend can actively participate. We also believe in offering an abundance of healthy food in our workshops so we appeal to a variety of tastes and requirements – everyone should be able to enjoy fresh living food.

Ultimately, Fruvenu’s mission is to ensure healthy food is accessible to everyone by making it fun and varied.



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