pic of joyDon’t panic!   You can still eat lots and lots of luscious things.  This blog is here to help YOU find ways to enjoy your food.  Please enjoy reading through my posts which I hope will make you smile, encourage you to try more fresh living raw foods and have fun on the journey.

Time for a little something!   Pooh bear is my hero, he never goes hungry.  

This is a glimpse into my life, mostly about fresh living foods, the environment, food, growing organic produce, food, life in general and more food. Preparing and eating a variety of daily simple dishes to satisfy hunger and worship my body with food, glorious food!

Inspired by friends who kept asking ‘but what do you do every day of the week?’ I started to give them suggestions.  Gourmet raw food is a dream (if you’re not the one making it) but what do you do Monday to Friday?

Fresh raw living food is life-giving, colourful, sensual, juicy, sweet, and fragrant igniting the senses.

I am not a nutritionist; this is my own personal journey towards a better life.  Health benefits and a new delight in living are all shared through my own anecdotal experiences.  Each person has a different body, metabolism, digestive system and lifestyle.  Enjoy the photos, read the messages, start to think and do your own research.

As Socrates said ‘to find yourself, think for yourself’.

How did all this happen?

About 6 years ago I discovered raw food at Hippocrates health farm in Queensland while trying to give up smoking and heal my thyroid.  That week changed my life.  It was the first time I had even heard of raw fresh living foods. Being a person who grazes all day long, something resonated under my analytical, panic-stricken brain.  I did not have to give up my food or my constant grazing.  All I had to do was substitute some things for healthier options.

I lost 20kg, cured the arthritis in my knees, and regained my energy as well as getting rid of many other irritating health issues.  I won’t list everything here as there will be many opportunities to sprinkle my posts with anecdotes alongside raw food suggestions.


What I offer on this blog is also for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. The whole point here is that you think clearly for yourself and make your own decisions, with the input of a licensed health professional should you choose to consult one.

Throughout my blog I will be using links to other sites.  These will also be for informational purposes only because I found them helpful or because I choose to support the people or companies. 

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