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Alissa Cohen

I know hundreds of people who have healed themselves of all kinds of diseases, simply by eating this way. Diseases that doctors had deemed incurable. Diseases that had them feeling helpless, and hopeless about ever regaining their health. Read more

David suzuki

Although many people reduce their meat consumption for health or humanitarian concerns, there are also environmental reasons for eating less meat. Read more

Joy’s Articles

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The Milk letter

Just the word itself sounds comforting! “How about a nice cup of hot milk?” The last time you heard that question it was from someone who cared for you and you appreciated their effort. The entire matter of food and especially that of milk is surrounded with emotional and cultural importance. Milk was our very first food. If we were fortunate it was our mother’s milk. A loving link, given and taken. It was the only path to survival. If not mother’s milk it was cow’s milk or soy milk “formula”–rarely it was goat, camel or water buffalo milk. Read more

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