Reproduced with permission from Alissa Cohen, author of Living on Live Food


Article by Alissa Cohen


I know hundreds of people who have healed themselves of all kinds of diseases, simply by eating this way. Diseases that doctors had deemed incurable. Diseases that had them feeling helpless, and hopeless about ever regaining their health.

Diabetes, arthritis, obesity, chronic fatigue, cancers, high blood pressure, diverticulitis…. I’ve seen people heal themselves from these diseases and many, many more.

Many doctors have forgotten this vital truth: the human body is self-healing.

I’m glad doctors exist, of course. If I cut my hand off preparing one of my delicious raw food recipes, please, take me to the hospital!

But if you have a chronic or acute disease, there are alternatives to having pieces of your body removed, or living on drugs that create other problems, and wear the body out so it cannot repair itself. Countless numbers of people have found this alternative in the healing power of raw and living foods.


People ask me this all the time. Radical???

Eating fruits and vegetables is radical? But eating the inside of a cow or chewing the flesh off of the bones of chickens isn’t radical???

This diet is not radical. It may be different from what you know now, different from what you have been brought up on, and different from what all of the commercials selling millions of dollars worth of high fat, high sugar, over-processed foods and all the people who make money off of them – want you to believe. And it’s different from the messages the meat and dairy industry have spent billions of dollars on.

Isn’t this Intense

That question always amazes me, but never so much as when it comes from people preparing to go on medication, or to have surgery. When I tell people they can heal themselves on this diet, and they say “well that seems a little intense; I don’t think I can do that”. I am simply blown away.

Medicating yourself and being cut open isn’t intense? They can go through that but they can’t start eating better? I’ve had people look at me in utter shock, when I tell them about this diet and what it can do for them. They say “You want me to cut out cooked food and eat raw food? That seems a little intense.”

What’s intense is the way people are living their lives now! “Enjoying” a regular diet of animal products, sugar, coffee, alcohol, fast foods, recreational and prescription drugs, artificial additives, cigarettes, household toxins, and little or no exercise… that’s pretty intense to me!

I see people abusing their bodies without giving it a second thought… until something happens.

I see people searching for that magic weight loss pill or that perfect diet.

I see people starving themselves and working out for hours a day to achieve that perfect body.

And I see people going to the extremes of invasive surgery and drugs to get rid of disease.

Yet, when I tell people to eat whole foods, they think that’s “intense.”


It’s not that this diet is “radical” or “intense.” It’s just different. Different from what we have been brainwashed to believe, and different from what most people do.

Many times we don’t change what we know isn’t working for us, or isn’t good for us, because we get stuck in our habits. It’s not that we don’t know when something is hurting us, or when we could be doing something better… it’s that it takes effort and courage to change – especially if you’re about to do something that is different and not mainstream.

In his book The Raw Life, Paul Nison states:

“People tend to avoid the truth about health because once they realise and accept the truth, great effort must then be expended to change habits. Most people are too lazy to want to get involved. If you feel lazy, you already have a symptom of toxaemia, as laziness is a symptom of disease. The truth will always be the truth, no matter how many people deny it or run from it.”

Here is a great saying from Mark Twain: ‘whenever you find that you are on the side of majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.’ Even back then Mark Twain knew that just because you are different doesn’t mean you are wrong.

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