Group 4 – Fruits

Acid    Sub-acid  Sweet   Melons
Citrus fruits Apples Bananas Watermelon
Pineapples Apricots Dates Casaba
Plums Cherries Figs Honeydew
Strawberries Grapes Prunes Rockmelon
Sour fruits Mangoes Raisins
Pomegranates Papayas Persimmons
Berries Fresh figs
  • Sub-acid fruit mixes well with both Acid and  Sweet but Acid and Sweet together are a poor combination.
  • Melons – digest the fastest of all fruits, eat alone if you are prone to digestive upsets

 Fruit is always best eaten on its own, on an empty stomach.  Fruit has the fastest digestive rate and uses different enzymes to the other food groups.  If you eat fruit after a meal, it has nowhere to go because it will be stuck behind the cooked food that takes a lot longer to digest, so it starts to ferment.  You can expect bloating, flatulence and indigestion.

 Breakfast: For those who suffer after eating fresh fruit with morning cereals and dairy products, try a different combination.

– Try the cereal/dairy milk mixture without fresh fruit.  Instead use dried fruits such as sultanas, cranberries, diced apricots.

– Mix fresh fruit with non-dairy or almond milk. Or make a filling smoothie.

– Eat fruit only.  Slice up various fruits into a big fruit salad, add fresh mint and finely chopped fresh ginger, delicious!

Some fruits mixed with green neutral salad greens and vegetables are juicy, sweet and refreshing.  Experiment and see if any particular combination upsets your digestion.

–        Chunks of fresh pineapple on top of baby bok choy.

–        Green grapes & spicy radish on a bed of spinach

–        Pears with rocket & walnuts.

–        Strawberries with balsamic vinegar sprinkled over nasturtium leaves



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