FOOD COMBINING – for optimum digestion

    • Let your body be your guide.  No two people are exactly the same.  Each person is in a different stage of balance and has a different constitution.   Your body might be able to handle more extreme combinations than someone else.  However, the basic fundamental rules of food combining can be useful to all.
    • Helping your digestive system to work efficiently is one of the most important things to help increase the absorption of vital nutrients. Your stomach needs enzymes ‘the spark of life’.  Enzymes are protein catalysts that produce energy to fuel our cells and bodily systems.  Many of the enzymes in fresh living food can be absorbed and used by our cells to replenish our own stock ofthese catalysts.  As in the saying “you are what you eat”.  However it would be more true to say “you are what you absorb”.

It is no good pouring healthy foods and supplements down your throat if your digestion is not working efficiently.

  • If foods are eaten together which require different time periods for gastric digestion, then we create a situation in which a food requiring the shorter time is held up in the stomach awaiting the more lengthy digestive time required by the other food.
    When this occurs, as when fruit or other sugars are eaten with protein, for example, the sugars ferment and nutrition is impaired.
  • In simple terms, carbohydrates break down into simple sugars and proteins break down into amino acids.  Digestion prepares them for the nutritive needs of the body, whereas bacterial decomposition and fermentation makes them unfit for its needs.
  • Symptoms of poor digestion include:
  • symptoms
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