fresh pineapple cocktailsI had my last opportunity to visit London this week. And as a tourist, I had a fabulous day out to Shoe shop Camden townCamden – street markets, canals, lunchtime stalls, quirky shop fronts, other annoying tourists getting in my way when I wanted to stop and gawk and photograph everything.

The Indian summer is often used to describe warm weather that comes later in the year, after unusually cool summer months and am SO lucky to be having one!

bike seats by the canalSo I walked the half hour to the train station past the semi-detached and terrace houses, under the bridge by the river and went into Paddington, the beginning of The Raw cashew cream quicheUnderground. From there, armed with my post it note and detailed instructions on which underground platform to be on, I got to Camden Town.

Nearly all the shop fronts have huge artistic displays – shoes bigger than me, tattoo parlours called The Dark Angel and Evil the Needle. Vendors selling the same tourist crap stall after stall along the main road. But away from the main street along the river were more interesting shops and views. Was tempted to try on some clothes but couldn’t be bothered with the hassle, too difficult in small market places.

Punkyfish Camden LondonInspiral was the 2nd raw café’ on my list to visit – enjoyed a raw cashew cheese tart with side salads and Barges on the canalbought some raw choccies. Nice cooked veggie meals available as well as raw and all sorts of wines and beers, a perfect mix.

No more time to make any more trips into the city which means I have to come back again, of course!

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