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Celebrating with friends at the raw food e-book launchHey Everyone around the world, it finally happened – my first book!

It was kind of like having a baby, the planning and then the nurturing, feeding and adding to it. It took up hours of time, mine and Tony & Libby’s. Finally it was done and launched on Sunday, relief.

raw sushi by KarenAt 54 it has only taken me 30 years to get a book off the ground, there are numerous in the wings still there. Some may remember my ‘Day in the life of…’ interviewing the older generation from around the world. I still have the stories so maybe that will happen in the next 50 years allotted to me. My backpacking letters could be a book too one day but finally it was the FOOD that won out – no surprise there.

Karen’s Raw Sushi – delicious!

Raw food lunch table

I spoke to my Little Sister and said ‘It’s done, it’s on my website, you can buy one if you like.’

‘She laughed…and then said No’

The excitement was contagious….

How patient she has been with me, every holiday when I go home to South Africa, accommodating me, letting me invade her kitchen and fridge with my fresh foods. Driving me around to look for Raw produce, fresh foods and turning her life upside-down for a month and me driving her insane with my prattle about food. I do appreciate it.

Jonathan’s lettuce Salad boats – rainbow colours!

Jonathan's salad boats

Now for the rest of you – let me tell you ‘excitedly’ about my Raw ‘n’ Tasty recipe book packed full of healthy foods, articles and suggestions to include more fresh food into your daily diet. There are easy to implement ideas so even if you’re busy it is possible to achieve at least a couple of things step by step towards improved health. The fresh living foods photos are colourful and plenty and there are also some before and after pics of me for those who say ‘Gee I couldn’t imagine you chunky like that’. I was chunky.

So we had a party last Sunday to celebrate good fun, lots of food and even a laughter yoga session with Jeevi the Laughing Chef. Nice to have sore face muscles from laughing! trio of raw nut cheeses

If you buy my book and find it useful, please let friends know about it by sending them my website address www.fruvenu.com.au  – you will see a cute little book cover on the left hand side, click on this to go to the Sales page to get more details. Tony did the very professional layout and design and Libby did most of the proof reading, amazing work.

Joy’s trio of Nut cheese.



Two of the most important things in the world, food and water (and sweet fizzy wine… NO, wash your mouth out Joy, no, not with the wine!). The media is starting to rumble and warn us that food and food production is going to be the common denominator for wars in the near future. Raw dinner with 2 sauces We need to start growing our little edible patch now and then take self defence lessons in how to protect it. My judo is a bit rusty by about 35 years but if someone threatens my food source beware the power that could be unleashed!   Raw dinner, kale salad & zucchini spaghetti

In the interests of doing our bit for food, 4 of us had a lovely weekend in the Blue Mountains. I picked up Toni, a visiting raw foodie friend from Buffalo, America and we drove up to stay with Tony & Libby, another 2 passionate raw foodies. Put all that enthusiasm for food and non-cooking together and creativity flows along with non-stop conversation about, well about food of course. I hear many of you groaning. I know, but hey, you have to admit that I have found the perfect solution in raw fresh living foods.Toni with tons of kale

I can eat and eat and still maintain this shapely, sexy body of a 20 year old, okay maybe 35 year old. Toni has an amazing figure too and I’ve seen her play Twister! Raw food heals the joints, your flexibility comes back.

We drove into Katoomba and visited the local co-op first to buy 8 bunches of kale, the wonder green that is becoming more popular here in Australia, then the local fruit & veggie shop to fill up the trolley with colour. At the bottle store we chose organic and preservative free wine to complement the healthy food.fruit porridge with hemp seeds

The rest of the weekend was a blur of talking, laughing and food preparation. Kale chips were put into the dehydrator, more kale was massaged into a divine salad along with spiralised zucchini and 2 sauces. Breakfasts were sweet fruits blended into porridge, served with hemp and banana.energising green soup with flax onion bread

Lunch was a striking green lemony soup with enough nutrients to wake up any sleepy digestive system and served with Tony & Libby’s signature flax onion bread. Dinner loomed and we voted to have the delicious kale salad again with falafel, tabouli and cabbage salad. Just reminding you all, these are all raw versions of traditional dishes and you thought we just ate cucumber and tomato? carrot pulp falafel

There are too many pictures to share so I will load the rest up on facebook and those of you, who enjoy staring at food pictures without actually making anything, have fun!    Enjoying our raw dinner

Buon Appetito!




Ah if only I could send you all the stunning photos we took in the South Island, every possible landscape.  Here are a couple more showing the diversity from beautiful to serene to stark glacier. alongside the water with flax bushes

I’ve been blogging the old fashioned way all my life in the form of hand written letters – my word how did I ever manage that?  With the advent of electric typewriters I was able to communicate with more legible writing.  Then computers came along with Word programmes, how GREAT an invention!  Email came on the scene and I could share my letters with everyone at once.  Then the BLOG which links to a website and has funky things so you can add photos, videos and techy stuff.  Goodness knows what will be next.   I never seem to quite catch up.    Fox Glacier

These days I can write to all of you and a larger audience via the Internet, so besides having fun and sharing experiences, I am also spending time working on my raw healthy food workshop business.

In every Sales & Marketing course we have learnt that Social Media has become of utmost importance.  We don’t all sit on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter just for fun; it is now an integral part of business building.  Along with loving to write and play with food the idea is to send all of you a link to click on to read my blog at my webpage www.fruvenu.com.au  Here you can see the photos in between the text, much nicer than having to open each attachment.raw bikkies 'n tea

And the almighty powerful Google watches over all the millions of bloggers worldwide.  The statistics say that google does not pay attention to your blog until you have made at least 25 posts (blogs).  This immediately rules out the few million who enthusiastically start their own blog only to peter out after number 3, 11, 19 ….  For the millions of us left who do reach 25, we hope that our content is creating some interest.  Just to let you know I am up to blog number 15 with this one and I look forward to continuing and reaching my target whilst entertaining you, the readers.

My contribution to YOUR lives is good health with a bit of humour thrown in and an honest account of my daily travels and activities good and bad.  I hope you enjoy and start to use some of the recipes/suggestions and get a giggle on the way.Lake Matheson reflections

So grab a cup of herbal tea and some raw bikkies, sit down, relax and read on!


Start your journey here....

E-book with bonus 3 day menu plan, lots of full colour photos!

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