“Hi Joy, thanks for showing me a whole new way of eating that is helping me lose weight.  I never thought spaghetti zucchini could be so versatile.  I use it to make stir-fries, salads and soups.  It’s very cheap and very easy to prepare.  I also like the dehydrating process you taught us.  I just love snacking on dried figs and bananas and have totally given up the lollies.  Keep up the good work”.   Regards Lauren

“I will soon be retiring and the first thing I want to do is to build my own fruit and vegetable garden. Thanks a lot!”   Cedric

Thank you Joy.  You gave us simple, delicious and easy to follow recipes. I’ve made nearly all your recipes now.  The soup and zucchini noodles was my favourite.   Clare


Workshop in Drummoyne


Thank you for the tips. I know this will be used at home asap & appreciated by my family. The flavours are truly yummy. – Janesse

After living on salads for most of my raw food journey I am truly excited to take it the next level with these fun & easy recipes & tips. Thanks Joy, your passion is infectious. – Mason

Thank you for the great info! Really enjoyed my first information session & understanding of raw foods. Thank you! – Zoe

Thanks for a great afternoon. I learnt lots of new tricks and ideas, will be making tomato chips in my dehydrator & sprouting as well. Thanks again. – Eileen


Canberra Workshop – May 2010

Hi Alison,

Lots of gratitude for Joy and yourself for organising the workshop. No matter how much you read about Raw and think you can do it, it’s nowhere near the same as seeing it being done in front of you. I thought the workshop was very informative and practical, it showed us how quick and easy it can be to whip up some raw treats. And because of that, I went out the very next day and bought the exact same cafe series blender and started making green smoothies, the raw cheese and soups. Have been doing it every day since and am already up and running with my raw lifestyle transformation! So thanks guys!

Hopefully we can get some potlucks going and look forward to meeting you again. I’m just at ANU most days so let me know when you are free and I can come by the food co-op.

Catch up soon, Hiranthi

Home workshops.

Hi Joy – Just wanted to thank you again for Saturday’s workshop which both Sylvie and I enjoyed immensely and learned so much, we loved your down to earth and especially warm style and approach to teaching.  We’ve both started implementing some things we learned that day!! I can’t wait to go home tonight to make a green smoothie!! 🙂
To anyone that reads this I strongly recommend Joy’s workshops…..I still can’t believe what enormous efforts Joy makes….had so much fun, learnt so much and Joy was so warm so kind and such a wonderful, wonderful lady!!   Julienne

Of course you can use my testimonial…I meant every word of it!! As far as I’m concerned I’m happy to make a permanent monthly booking with you….there’s so much to learn and I’ve tried everything…nothing works or worked like that Saturday afternoon with you….it was so effortless, fun and absolutely delicious…it was then it dawned on me that yes you can be totally raw and vegan and not feel like your missing out on the contrary….I found the food so delicious.

Dinner testimonials

Thank you for a great nutritious night last Saturday.
I was glad to be able to go somewhere healthy for my birthday!
Thanks for organising a great night.   Marilyn

Hello Joy – I really enjoyed the dinner, thank you. I especially liked the flat roll up things, the white nut cheese and dessert and would love to know how to make them. ! It was lovely to see you again joy and I thought you did very well considering so many people were there!
Warmest regards Simone

Dehydrator workshop feedback

Truly enjoyed your workshop. Every recipe was simple, healthy, delicious and most versatile. Thank you also for the bonus notes on sprouting. You are most kind and generous.
Godspeed!   Maureen x

Hi Joy – thanks for the great class that was centered just on the use of raw foods in a dehydrator , the class showed me how to prepare very tasty combinations of raw food items that will make it so much easier for me to stay on the raw food lifestyle.  Cheers Bryan Lee

Thanks for the great workshop on raw and dehydrated food preparation.   You made it look so simple and I have been inspired to do my own dehydrating now.  It’s fun!  My husband loves the mushroom nut balls!   Julia 

Vegan Expo

Hi Joy

Thank you.  It was a lot of effort but so worth it.  I went to the Voiceless animal law lecture last night and ran in to Zarah who was a volunteer at the expo.  She was talking about the highlight of her day being your demo – she has ordered a dehydrator and she can’t wait to get started.  Now that’s rewarding 😉

Best wishes

Hi Joy, thanks for your email. Yes it was a great day yesterday. I especially enjoyed your workshop. I have been a bit reluctant to purchase a dehydrator for some time, but your demonstration definitely changed my mind! Thanks, Zarah

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