Holiday time again, feels like just the other day we went but it was more than a year ago to South Africa and Victoria Falls.   And the trip I had in between to Queensland was more a business trip with a bit of holiday tagged on the end.   This time Geoff has planned a 3-week Campervan holiday for us.

We have our little home on wheels for 23 days to travel around South Island New Zealand with enough little hidey hole cupboards for his ‘n hers things.  Mine all packed neatly in little compartments and Geoff’s just thrown in higgledy-piggledy.  Loading up the campervan

I ordered some food online to try and stay on the straight and narrow as much as possible while travelling.  I found a lovely lady in Christchurch and the goodies bag was delivered to our motel the first day.  How exciting unpacking and filling our little van fridge with raw treats; quiche made with a curried nut cream, ‘cheesecake’, burgers, nut spreads, heart shaped cookies, fermented kombucha and sauerkraut, oh and muesli & crackers.

Beer?  You want to put your beer in my fridge?  Our fridge darling he replied.  Well I reasoned, you can buy beer and ‘bloody’ meat everywhere on a daily basis but you can’t exactly buy raw food goodies every day.  Luckily we did hire an esky (ice box) to put extra stuff in.  And a portable barbecue so cooking can be done outside.  And so far there is enough space in the fridge….

Our part of Australia is flooding with excess water from the skies.  When we left for the airport a few days ago it was pouring down so we put on those cheap plastic macs and dragged our cases up the road to the nearest bus stop.  Got to the airport and by 1am had arrived in Christchurch.  A restless night waiting to hear from Nicole if baby had been born.

I have played house storing everything away.  Geoff is a wonderful driver and knows what to do with all the van things like pumps, toilet, power, invertors and boy things. I sit in the passenger seat like Lady Muck enjoying the scenery.

Finally the long awaited birth of my second grandchild Summer Eden born 3rd of the 3rd, long past the due date of 17th Feb and oblivious to everyone in different parts of the globe waiting to hear the news.  8lb 10oz, phew and she looks so soft, rosy and round cheeked.  Congratulations to Nicole and Steve!

– fresh living tomato, cukes and orange for me,  Dry toast and sticky cheese for Geoff.

Now we can drive on each day and the only stress in life is that I bought a new laptop a month before I left and sadly did not learn how to use it properly.   So if anything looks a bit dodgy on the blog, apologies and I look forward to improving with time!

Raw cookies and cappuccinoCrystal waters of New Zealand

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