My raw goodies have run out!  For a lot of the committed raw vegans out there, a solution is always at hand including wild edibles.  So far I have not ventured far into any paddocks to see if there are dandelions, purslane and other weeds.   Lacking in experience I’m not sure what is edible or not.preparing our individual meals in the communal park kitchen

(Photo of us in one of the camper van communal kitchens, each of us preparing our own food!)

I know that is a cop out and this holiday is about attempting to stay on my high raw diet while travelling with a die hard meat eating, cooked food diet person especially if we plan to live together one day.  Breakfast is easy, fresh fruit and organic muesli.   By mid morning my ‘time for a little something’ is kicking in and the ‘I want a cappuccino’ trigger takes over.   An emotional trigger which I have refused to deal with over the last 6 years of eating raw.   Geoff is usually hungry by then because he only has coffee and cigarettes for his breakfast.

raw avocado salad with roast potatoes

Next best thing is to buy a gluten free option but that usually contains dairy.  Lunch is taken in a picturesque location overlooking either the ocean, rivers or mountains, cosy little café’s and restaurants that offer tempting cooked food options and sweet white fizzy wines.  Cold weather = warm hot meals.  So as you can gather my resolve has slipped.  I have had some dinners that were salads with cooked potatoes, not too bad and a magnificent veggie wrap.  The quality of food offered in restaurants has been impressive.

Geoff is surveying every lake we drive alongside, we stop at lay byes and he casts an experienced eye over the water and gets excited when he see the tell-tale splash which means FISH!  After throwing the line out a few times he has had no luck, the fish have had a look and decided ‘Nah, not interested.’  Smart.  Greens and blues of the countryside and waterways, so clean and unspoilt.looking for fish New Zealand

Tomorrow is another day to start fresh with living foods, after all that is what I encourage people at my raw food workshops to do.  If you have a bad day, start again tomorrow.  The benefits are huge and Geoff knows this, he commented on my cough that has returned (from gluten and lactose).  When I eat high raw, I glow with good health.

Photo of my delicious veggie wrap looking so fresh and alive, plate next to it Geoff’s with the cooked meal.  Spot the nutrients!veggie wrap

Besides the raw ‘n cooked food differences we have, the Campervan life is going fairly smoothly but more about that next time….

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