raw goodiesOlympic fever is over and the Underground trains are back to normal.  I planned my holiday to make sure I arrived after it was all over. Roll on Rio for those of you who love the excitement. I somehow doubt their train system will be as efficient as London.

Heathrow customs were so easy to get through compared to Sydney. We only had one tiny form to fill in and no questions to answer about food, feathers, shellfish, bones, and contraband seeds.  Almost everyone just strolled through the green ‘Nothing to Declare’ gate and a couple of disinterested officials just watched us. It was a real anti climax; no one was stopped or searched. I was delighted to meet my new granddaughter and daughter at the gate.

blackberry cocktail

Australian weather has followed me here; at least I am taking credit for it.  It’s a heat wave by English standards. The weekend was gloriously sunny and jokes about train commuters being sunburnt and bumping into each other on the Underground the next day were flying around. A bit of sun and the Poms bare their chests and turn Tabasco red.

Blackberry picking has been a highlight for me, unlimited supplies free on the sides of the hedge-lined roads. And then watching them being turned into cocktails was even nicer. Crushed ice, Absolut vanilla vodka, lime juice and icing sugar mixed with fresh blackberry puree’. Unfortunately VERY nice although you could opt for an alcohol free version but to be polite ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’, I had to try the vodka version!

Raw food is still high on the agenda and I made a spiralised zucchini salad with rainbow capsicumsSpiralised zucchini with rainbow capsicums

to take to a family dinner. And there are LOTS of online raw food goodies available so, as in New Zealand, I ordered ahead to have treats ready for when temptation strikes.

Off to Southampton tomorrow by train to catch up with Monica, an old friend from South Africa.



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