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  • healthy weight range
  • increased energy & vitality
  • decrease in joint pain – with high alkaline foods, low acid foods.
  • build your immune system to resist allergies and asthma
  • reduce your risk of diabetes and other diseases

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See Joy’s before and after photos and read her health story.

Lots of recipes with colour photos, tips and suggestions. Compiled from the popular fortnightly Raw ‘n’ Tasty recipes sent out by Joy, the first 33 fresh living foods recipes & tips have been put together in one book for your benefit.

PLUS you receive a FREE Bonus Menu Plan Guide.  You’ve bought the ingredients and now what are you going to do with them?

3 menu plans will take you through a daily guide step by step – breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with 5 more recipes to prepare in bulk and serve with each meal.

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HOW do I get started?”

“I don’t know how to PLAN ahead with my shopping.”

“What COMBINATIONS of fresh foods go together?”

“I don’t have much TIME to spend in the kitchen.”

“I’ve never been good at MENU planning.”

“Tell me what to do for BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER.”

An e-book to help YOU!

Health is not Everything but without Health,
Everything is Nothing.
Dr Bernard Jensen

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E-book with bonus 3 day menu plan, lots of full colour photos!

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