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Celebrating with friends at the raw food e-book launchHey Everyone around the world, it finally happened – my first book!

It was kind of like having a baby, the planning and then the nurturing, feeding and adding to it. It took up hours of time, mine and Tony & Libby’s. Finally it was done and launched on Sunday, relief.

raw sushi by KarenAt 54 it has only taken me 30 years to get a book off the ground, there are numerous in the wings still there. Some may remember my ‘Day in the life of…’ interviewing the older generation from around the world. I still have the stories so maybe that will happen in the next 50 years allotted to me. My backpacking letters could be a book too one day but finally it was the FOOD that won out – no surprise there.

Karen’s Raw Sushi – delicious!

Raw food lunch table

I spoke to my Little Sister and said ‘It’s done, it’s on my website, you can buy one if you like.’

‘She laughed…and then said No’

The excitement was contagious….

How patient she has been with me, every holiday when I go home to South Africa, accommodating me, letting me invade her kitchen and fridge with my fresh foods. Driving me around to look for Raw produce, fresh foods and turning her life upside-down for a month and me driving her insane with my prattle about food. I do appreciate it.

Jonathan’s lettuce Salad boats – rainbow colours!

Jonathan's salad boats

Now for the rest of you – let me tell you ‘excitedly’ about my Raw ‘n’ Tasty recipe book packed full of healthy foods, articles and suggestions to include more fresh food into your daily diet. There are easy to implement ideas so even if you’re busy it is possible to achieve at least a couple of things step by step towards improved health. The fresh living foods photos are colourful and plenty and there are also some before and after pics of me for those who say ‘Gee I couldn’t imagine you chunky like that’. I was chunky.

So we had a party last Sunday to celebrate good fun, lots of food and even a laughter yoga session with Jeevi the Laughing Chef. Nice to have sore face muscles from laughing! trio of raw nut cheeses

If you buy my book and find it useful, please let friends know about it by sending them my website address www.fruvenu.com.au  – you will see a cute little book cover on the left hand side, click on this to go to the Sales page to get more details. Tony did the very professional layout and design and Libby did most of the proof reading, amazing work.

Joy’s trio of Nut cheese.



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