Making food fun

We know that the key to getting everyone to eat healthy food is to make it
fun. People are attracted to junk food because it is created, packaged and then
advertised to deliberately appeal to the public.  To compete with junk food, healthy food needs to be just as enticing. We make healthy food fun by:

  • Getting everyone involved

Fruvenu workshops and classes encourage hands on participation demonstrating easy ways to prepare raw fresh living food.   Children (and adults) are more interested in food when they can experience it with a number of senses.  Fruvenu workshops and classes allow you to touch, smell, see and then taste healthy food.

  • Introducing a variety of food preparation tools

Fruvenu uses a number of food preparation tools to make the process engaging.  Children especially enjoy experimenting with how they can shape foods – it allows them to be creative.

  • Peer Pressure

Peer pressure affects all ages, children at school, adults in the workplace, families who love to give advice!  Healthy eating is one of the few ways peer pressure can be harnessed for positive results. When people learn about food in a group with their peers, they are more likely to try new things, discuss and embrace new ideas.

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