People have been asking, so did we succeed, do we still love each other, do we still want to travel together?  At the beginning of this trip one of my goals was to see how we coped in a small space travelling along.  We have a dream of retiring from work, renovating a bus and taking off into the wide blue yonder, like so many others. Queenstown New Zealand

So did we succeed on our 24-day trip?  Traditional meat eating, loves cooked food Aussie male with wannabe raw vegan fresh living foods South African girl.  I mention the South African bit because even though I have been Australian for over 20 years, the paranoia of feeling secure, constantly locking doors and watching strangers with suspicion does not go away (and can drive those close to me nuts).

Hell yes there were moments that didn’t work and times where it did flow smoothly.  If you want to test any relationship, go on a trip together!  Travel brings out the best and worst in us, a different set of rules.  Throw in the extreme diet differences and who knows what could happen.

hers - salad, veggie sausages and lentilshis - barbecued veggies

Our standard phrase of ‘I keel you’ to diffuse tense situations works a treat.  You try staying angry at someone when you say it.   Watch some You Tubes on Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist with Achmed the dead terrorist and tell me it’s not funny!   His ‘n Hers dinners, barbecued veg for him, salad with veggie sausages and lentils for her.

Most women analyse, need and want more.  More of what?  Well pretty much more of everything! More communication, couple time, special moments, a point to life, reasons for doing things.  I asked Geoff:

J:  So how do you think the trip went?

G: Good.

J:  Anything we could do better, differently?

G: Not really.

J:  Did my diet and food choices cause any problems

G: None at all.

J:  Well I felt that we could have communicated more, especially at mealtimes when we were in café’s and restaurants, you know, make eye contact and really talk to each other.  And because the evenings and nights were cold I was inside the van most of the time with the little heater going full blast.  You were outside a lot of the time because you smoke and get too warm inside. in the van bedtime

It was hard for me to stay high raw when you were cooking crispy potatoes & veggies on the barbecue and drinking beer, because then I wanted some and also wanted to drink wine.  And making up the bed in the van every night was a frikking pain in the ass although luckily your snoring didn’t keep me awake too often and we had enough blankets.  So what do you think?

G:  Let’s do it all over again to make sure!

In the end I was the one with issues over talking, food & alcohol temptations, cold weather, security and feeling grumpy about some things.  Geoff bless him, had a lovely holiday (even though he didn’t catch a fish), gives me big cuddles and loves me no matter what.  So how do you analyse that?  Asked Geoff this question and he said ‘Fucked if I know!’

blue bridge

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